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Taking care of your body and focusing on your health is even more important during and after pregnancy, but it should be done with caution.

Commit Fitness in Denver, CO specializes in prenatal and postpartum workouts for new and experienced moms. We'll show you safe and effective workouts that help keep you and your baby healthy while you share your body.

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Why work with a trainer during pregnancy?

Your body is not the same during or after pregnancy, so doing the same things in the gym may not work for you like they used to. Our trainer has worked with several doctors and specialists to understand pregnant bodies and the types of exercise you need while pregnant. Staying active during your pregnancy has been shown to reduce symptoms like back pain, depression and breast tenderness in some women.

At Commit Fitness, you'll work directly with our trainer to create a prenatal or postpartum workout plan that best fits your individual needs. When training women who are pregnant we have somewhat of a different approach. It's important to us that we show women what they CAN do rather than tell them all of the things they can't do. We coach on proper core engagement to ensure the baby is properly supported, to prevent/minimize back pain and of course to make you stronger for labor and delivery! Working out during pregnancy has so many benefits but one of the biggest is that it speeds up your weight loss postpartum.. by A LOT. Studies have shown that babies whose mom worked out during pregnancy were born with more muscle mass and strength than those who didn't workout during pregnancy.

And on the flip side, postpartum fitness is about core recovery and healthy weight loss. Doing core work wrong or before you're ready can split your abs (Diastasis Recti) even more. We work from the inside out by ensuring you are properly strengthening your pelvic floor. From there we teach you to recover your core as a whole. Many women end up with a stronger, more complete core when they work with us postpartum.

Katlyn (CFS Dietitian) and Erica (Prenatal/Postpartum Lead) developed a pregnancy nutrition plan for women who feel lost. It consists of 2 nutrition sessions with Katlyn, RD, per trimester where she tells you what to expect and helps you get the nutrients you need which can be especially difficult when nothing sounds good. She also checks in on other common struggles (like constipation, hormones/depression, heartburn and more) and helps you navigate growing and feeding the tiny human in your belly. Remember we've compiled info and experiences from over 30 pregnant clients so we really have heard it all and we want to share and help as many women as possible!

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