Meet Your Trainers

Erica Wald

Founder and Co-owner
BS Biochemistry, University of Kansas
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
Specialities: Body Transformation, Bride & Groom, Pre/Post Natal

Erica has been involved and influencing Denver's Fitness community for over 7 years now. She built the business from the ground up working solely with brides for the first half of her career. Her before and after portfolio is extensive and speaks for itself. However, her true belief is that physical results are a bi-product to the mental results her clients obtain. Erica works with her clients on building their confidence and speaking only positively about themselves. Lasting transformation should incorporate the mind and the body. No workout is like another when you train with Erica. The most common comment her clients say about her is that they NEVER do the same workout twice. You will be constantly challenged and leave feeling stronger every workout. We all have a habit of underestimating ourselves and Erica strives to help people break this habit.

Erica was born and raised in Minnesota, went to college at the University of Kansas and settled in Denver, CO. She grew up with Midwest values but never quite fit in long term. She was taught independence at a young age so the first thing she did when she graduated was venture south. While at KU she fell in love with the body (and college basketball). Eventually, after graduation, she found her forever home in Denver, CO and met her now husband and business partner. Their dynamic is magnetic and will make you feel right at home. It's rare to see Erica without a smile on her face so if you're in need of some positive vibes she's a safe bet!

TJ Wald

BS Business Management-Marketing-Intl Business, Minot State University
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
Specialties: Body Transformation, Strength and Core stabilization, post injury/rehab strength training

Tj has 6 years of experience in the business field with a long background in customer relationships on top of a year in the fitness industry. He strongly believes that building relationships and connecting with his clients is just as important as the physical aspect of training. Creating a bond with his clients has proven to be a path towards long term success both mentally outside of the gym as well as physically within the gym! Tj is a NASM CPT that specializes in strength training while combining high heart rate interval training and body transformation. He also has experience in building strength post injury following, or in combination with, rehabilitation stages. Tj believes that a good personal trainer can motivate, coach, and create positive thinking in and out of the gym-- he wants to create a healthy addiction for clients and push them to believe that they can do more.

Tj was born and raised in North Dakota, and went to college at Minot State University. He made the move to Colorado in the summer of 2014 and settled into his home here in Colorado with his wife and business partner, Erica. He has a strong passion for fitness and sports and loves his hometown Colorado teams, Broncos-Nuggets-Rockies-Avs! He also enjoys snowboarding, park games, concerts and traveling with family and friends.

Jesse Springer

Jesse is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a BS in Exercise Science and Psychology from the University of Sioux Falls where he played football for four seasons. After graduating college, he worked for two years as a physical therapy technician where he learned how to use exercise to facilitate healthy movement patterns. Thanks to his time in physical therapy and college athletics, Jesse now specializes in strength and athletic development, body transformation, and corrective exercise.

Jesse takes a holistic approach to training with an understanding that fitness extends far outside of the gym. Having learned from positive psychology research that a positive outlook leads to success, it is his mission to help his clients view their fitness journeys as an opportunity for both physical and mental growth instead of as a chore. Viewing fitness through this new lens allows his clients to develop a relationship with fitness outside of the gym that will lead to lasting results

Olivia Woods

BS Kinesiology, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
Specialties: Bride, Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Olivia is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a BS in Kinesiology and a minor in Exercise Science from Cal Poly SLO. Her passion for fitness emerged through her love of running at the age of fifteen, and developed by pursuing other interests in backpacking, snowboarding, and of course, lifting weights!

Olivia works with women of all ages in all walks of life, and has specifically helped brides and mothers transform their bodies and minds. She has her certification, which is approved by one of the highest governing bodies (APTA), in prenatal and postpartum fitness. By creating realistic and effective plans of action based upon one's own unique body, Olivia's clients are assured they will be confident and can enjoy the journey of reaching their goals. Olivia aims to inspire her clients to push their limits inside of CFS, but to also educate them in science-based research and a skillset they can take outside of CFS to better their lifelong journey as an empowered woman. Her approach towards fitness is geared towards not only the physical aspects of exercise, but the mental and soulful ones as well.

Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney

MS + BS Psychology, Tulane University
Certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, PROnatal Fitness, Personal Trainer + Group Fitness Instructor ACE, Nutritious Life Certified Nutritionist
Specialities: Pre/postnatal

Claire has been in the wellness space since 2014 and has worked with clients worldwide before settling into Denver in late 2020. She has been a staff trainer for Athleta/Gap HQ, taught at Equinox in San Francisco, led classes for companies like Spotify, Etsy, Headspace, and Dropbox, and led a nutrition workshop for Fabletics. While she's worked with clients aged 18 to 85, she enjoys focusing on the pre/postnatal population. Claire has applied her knowledge to her own pregnancy in 2020/2021, as well as countless clients. She believes that empowering expecting and new mamas is essential, because the benefits can last a lifetime. Claire possesses a deep understanding of the core, and implements these fundamentals to all her clients. They love it, as well as her holistic approach to fitness!

Claire's unique ability to motivate in an encouraging, yet impactful manner, helps them achieve their goals while also appreciating the process. She believes that moving mindfully is important for everyone at every stage of life, and investing in your health is THE best one to make.

Midwest born and raised near St. Louis, MO, Claire met her husband freshman year of college in New Orleans, moved to Southern California (where they married overlooking the Pacific), then Virginia for his USMC career, spent two years in Charlottesville, VA for his UVA business school education, then moved cross country again to San Francisco, then decided the mountains in Denver were calling. Their beloved son was born 7/2/21 and when Claire's not snuggling up with her boys, she's traveling, reading, or dancing.

Sarah Bomer

Sarah grew up in Michigan, where she spent a lot of time doing water sports and enjoying the beautiful midwest summers. She moved to Denver in 2017 for college and attended DU, where she got her bachelors degree in psychology and communication. While in college, she also got her personal training and group fitness certifications because of her love for exercise. She now attends Metropolitan State University where she is getting her Masters of Science in nutrition and dietetics!

Sarah believes that all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional, etc) should align and serve as a compliment to your lifestyle. Exercise should be empowering, sustainable, and above all else FUN. She believes that once you find a style of fitness that you enjoy and look forward to, the results will come so much faster and it will change your life for the better.

Brady Kehoe

Brady is a NASM certified personal trainer. Brady's passion for fitness and exercise started at a young age playing soccer and volleyball. Since high school brady has taken health and wellness and turned it into his passion. Throughout his journey, he has approached everything through education and experience. Years of discipline, consistency, and fascination have gave him the necessary tools to teach anyone the skills and mindset to achieve any fitness goals. Skiing, camping, horseback riding, hiking, really anything outdoors is what keeps him busy. Brady's passion comes from both the triumphs and obstacles that each unique client has to offer. I'm captivated by the human body and how eating clean, steady exercise, and dedication to yourself can transform our bodies and minds into works of art. Brady can help you with any strength, training, fitness related goal you want! With a positive mindset and a willingness to put your muscles through tough work, we can recast your body into something you've always dreamt of!

Hard work, consistency, clean diet, positivity! I want to help everyone achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle through high quality training and education!

Katie Polus

BSN Texas Christian University
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
Certified Prenatal/Postpartum Trainer, Pronatal Fitness
Certified Lactation Consultant, ALPP

Katie is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Texas Christian University. She has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 3 years. Katie is also a neonatal ICU nurse at University of Colorado Hospital. She became interested in the fitness industry with the desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle as a form of preventative care. Katie believes that with proper exercise, diet and attitude, clients can increase their overall health and well-being.
Katie also has her prenatal/postpartum certification and is eager to help mothers prepare for one of the biggest physical events of their lives'- giving birth. Katie wants to help mothers return to their pre-pregnancy state even stronger and more confident than prior to giving birth. She believes that with hard work, dedication and positivity all clients can reach their fitness goals. Katie's positive energy and knowledge will push you to reach your full potential in the gym whether you're pregnant, postpartum, bride or groom or just looking to get stronger! Katie also has a passion for running and has completed 4 marathons and multiple half marathons.

Katie grew up outside of Chicago, went to school in Fort Worth, and has called Denver home ever since graduation. When Katie is not coaching, you can find her spending time with her husband and dog, traveling, and enjoying the great outdoors in Colorado by either biking, hiking, running, or skiing.

Kristina Greenwood

B.S. Anthropology and Geography, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA.
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTA.

Kristina Greenwood was born and raised in Napa California. She tried many sports as a child but soccer was her sport. Following graduation from Cal Poly, Kristina worked as a Land Surveyor. During that time she shifted careers and completed her nutritional therapy certification in 2019.
In 2016 she fell in love with strength training and has gone on to compete in powerlifting.

Kristina made the move to Denver in 2020 and worked as a Clinical Assistant in a prenatal and pediatric chiropractic office. Listening to hundreds of clients stories inspired her to specialize in Women's Health. Kristina is a trained Birth Doula, has extensive knowledge and experience utilizing the Fertility Awareness Method. She is also completing the Girls Gone Strong, Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach course. Kristina's goal as a coach is to help you eat, lift, and ovulate better.

Kristina is a proud cat and plant mom. She and her boyfriend Brian spend a lot of time outdoors. She also loves decluttering, interior design, thrifting and organizing.

Abby Grace McGee

Abby Grace, also known as AG, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and former track athlete with a background in coaching and health education. Raised in the mountains of Colorado, AG went on to study Physics and Secondary Education at Wheaton College in Illinois. Her love for fitness awakened when she stepped on the track as a second grader and continued to grow throughout high school and college as she competed in sprints, hurdles, and relays, concluding her sprinting career at the NCAA national track meet her senior year. In the off seasons, she stretched out of her comfort zone through Spartan races and half marathons. When AG began coaching track in college, she discovered that she also loved supporting others in their own fitness journeys and athletic endeavors. After leading a high school team in Ethiopia to place first in an international track meet and teaching a Female Health & Fitness course (along with high school STEM classes) at a school in the Dominican Republic, AG moved back to Denver where she continues to grow and develop her fitness training skills. She has a passion for empowering clients and helping them develop the physical and mental tools needed to interact with the world around them as the truest version of themselves, whether that be in speedwork for a young athlete, endurance building for a Colorado mountain climber, postpartum recovery for a new mom, or strength training for those trying to keep up with their grandkids.

Meredith Munden

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Visual Art Studies, The University of Texas

Meredith is a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer where she focuses on aspiring, challenging, and encouraging her clients to build strength and confidence within their training sessions. Meredith grew up in Dallas, TX swimming competitively starting at the age of 5 years old. She won many awards and was granted swimming scholarships around the US. Meredith attended The University of Texas as a Fine Art Studies major and recently moved to Denver, CO to follow her passion. She was inspired to join the fitness industry after reflecting on the value and lessons she learned through her swimming career as well as working with a Personal Trainer of her own.
Meredith provides customized in person trainings as well as virtual online sessions where she focuses on strength, conditioning, and weight loss programming. Her fitness lifestyle taught her that hard work pays off and a positive attitude helps achieve your goals.